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Jonathan Irving, Irving Tooling Solutions

Jonathan Irving

SALES APPLICATION ENGINEER. Twenty seven years in engineering, and toolmaking. Started Irving Tooling 15 yrs ago to fill a need in the engineering market for solutions not found just by looking in a catalogue. "It is always satisfying bringing customers unique solutions for their jobs."
James Lubbers, engineer, Irving Tooling Solutions

James Lubbers

SALES APPLICATION ENGINEER. Twenty five years engineering experience in both automotive and large CNC equipment. Complements Jonathan's experience to give ITS unparalleled ability to provide the best solution first time around.

Right: Receiving Kennametal's Australasian Award for excellence
Kennametal excellence award to Irving Tooling Services
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Joanna Irving

QUALIFIED ENGINEER AND ACCOUNTS MANAGER. The business couldn't run without her.
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Halley Johnson

ADMIN/OFFICE AND SALES. Halley joined the team seven years ago and took to Kennametal’s Novo search engine like a pro, proving the days of catalogues are numbered.

Jonathan Hadipurnomo

The best part-time employee ever, able to step up to any task and happy to work weekends!
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Our Services

IRVING TOOLING SOLUTIONS provides high-performance solutions

We work hands-on with clients to find best tools and solutions

We service an enormous range of engineering specialties, including high performance drilling, turning and milling

We carry thousands of machining stock items in our Christchurch premises for immediate delivery

We receive shipments daily from global warehouses in USA, Germany and Singapore. Product from Singapore reaches Christchurch within 48 hours

We constantly evaluate and improve our productivity to give lower cost per part

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Our Mission Statement

  • To bring customers value by listening to their individual requirements, and providing the best machining solution.
  • To locally stock globally-sourced high-performance product to deliver fast turnaround.
  • To help companies to be competitive in engineering and keep jobs in NZ. Every country has CNC machines. Not every company has ITS.

Excellence is our objective

Dedicated to practical onsite solutions for high-performance and specialist machining.
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